Lending $1 million plus with no restrictions to credit and equipment.

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In connection with our funding partner, we make up a senior secured lending group which utilizes contractual unconditional future cash streams that are to be paid from an investment grade rated entity (obligor) to a smaller entity (“the Borrower”) as our collateral source for the capital we invest.  They can monetize long term revenue streams like, but not limited to,  licensing agreements, supply agreements, royalties, energy savings programs and  software implementations. Their minimum funding amount is $1M with no upper limit.  They allow the parties to negotiate a payment schedule which maximizes the projected economic benefits of the relationship; this can include an initial deferral period of up to 7 years and payment terms that can extend 20-25 years.  

 The cost of capital is priced at very competitive institutional rates; rates are fixed, have no restrictive covenants and are non-recourse to the Borrower.  The availability of our in-house counsel allows for fast and efficient origination and review of documentation.  The company  does not charge transaction or legal fees and does not extract any equity with our capital.

Look at this as a private bond placement.

Eastern Equipment Associates 

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