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       Here is a list of the most beneficial reasons to lease-finance your next commercial purchase:

Preserves Working Capital

Cash is not tied up in equipment purchases. Lease payments are a fraction of the total purchase price and pre-tax expense.

Easy and Convenient

A simple one-page application can get an approval for an equipment purchase up to $75,000. Simple documentation written in "plain English" format to get delivery of your equipment quicker.

Tax Advantages

Lease payments may be deductible as an operational cost and are paid with current, untaxed income instead of previously taxed profits.

Improves Cash Flow

Leasing allows the asset to be paid for as it generates revenue.


Lease terms and payment schedules can be tailored to meet the needs of the lessee and can be written for up to 60 months.

Extends Credit Lines

Leasing leaves current credit lines open and available for other uses.

Vendor and Equipment Selection

The lessee gets to select the vendor and equipment type, while negotiating the best deal possible.

Eastern Equipment Leasing also offers the following benefits:
  • Competitive cost of capital with "End of Lease" buyouts (ownership)
  • Lease agreements with fixed rate purchase options.
  • FMV leases for a hedge against technological obsolescence.
  •  Vendor programs to support sales and boost profits.
  • Equipment loans for "high risk" equipment.

Our lease-financing service provides you with a financing vehicle that has quick turnaround, so it’s a like a cash purchase to you.

Please feel free to complete our application or call us at 609-704-2966

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